Do you have an anger management problem?

He has changed his mind about going abroad.

Thousands of people lost their jobs.


We're always very careful.

I just can't believe they're getting married.

Oh my God, Roberta has done it!


I look forward to seeing you again very soon.


He's on his last legs.


How many were there?

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She was a great help to me.

Is it that you can't or that you don't want to?

The chill of coming winter discouraged our picnic.

I heard the front door slam.

The other day we had a telephone call from a man whose wife was going to have a baby.

The people have spoken.

Even though I was sitting in the sun, I still felt chilly.

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It said rain from this evening.


We went aboard the ship at ten.

Blayne won't have to go through what Herbert went through.

I didn't want to work there.

Were you chasing after the butterflies?

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Please come in one by one.

I will accomplish it at all costs.


Eddy has a tough call to make.

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I fell asleep with my laptop on.

He started gardening after his retirement.

This blurs the line between news and advertising.

They will carry you.

I'm going to the police.

He made me his assistant.

Valeria asked me if he could use my computer.

It seemed to work.

How late is the last train?

He would be very glad to hear the news.

When women are together, they always laugh.


Lenny filled the pool with water.

Would you look after my cat?

She thinks that will be interesting and fun.


Please send me a catalog.

Leo urged her parents to let her go out with her friends.

Julia is ready for anything.

Let's not do this now.

I told you to stop doing that.

I can recommend this book to you.

We often skip school.

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.

He served without any serious errors until he reached retirement age.

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Hundreds of people were killed.

The temperature will be pretty high today.

He knocked his knee against the chair.

Barton told Lou she didn't have to worry about John anymore.

Dani didn't like the new plan.

You should've taken better care of your bicycle.

We did it in school.

I am shy.

The night was cold.

I met him by chance on the train this morning.

Timothy isn't very helpful.

Justin makes his own bed every morning.

The Japanese language plays an important role in promoting world peace.

Bill is not as tall as Bob.

I woke up at eight o'clock.

He tried to argue the matter away.

I had intended to visit the temple last week.

Look, my dog is not as dirty as yours.

Boston is a great city.

If you need help, feel free to call me.

The mountain is 2000 meters above sea level.

Watch yourself.

Helen seems to be puzzled by something.

Would somebody look after Mark?

I can't imagine what life would be like without you.


His car looks as good as new.

Where is the person that wants to eat shaved ice?

I want to go talk to her.

What would you have done in his place?

Is it here yet?

He has an attitude problem.

I have gas indigestion.


In connection with this I can only reply, "it is just as you say."

Alfred found himself chained to a huge pipe in an abandoned factory.

I must tell him.


This is all I've got.


I thought his remarks very apropos.

The wind blows south.

If you intervene, they will also intervene.

I have read the novel before.

She went out without saying a word.


They signed a three-year contract with a major record company.

He attributed his failure to bad luck.

Jared has a website.

She gave a ready answer.

Masanao told me this would happen.


Where can I find it?

Dan didn't even intend to call Linda.

The eel I caught last week is still alive.

Is it a girl or a boy?

You will be able to see her tomorrow.

Steal money.

I didn't like doing this at first.

You'd better not go out.

Many young Japanese people are drifting aimlessly in life.

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We need money.

Our town is on the East Side of the river.

Give me a bottle of wine.

I actually like it.

He often comes to see me.


They see very clearly that this is an emergency and that this cannot go on for long.


I don't live in Helsinki.

Why don't we wait till Tahsin comes back?

I saw you yesterday morning.

That was the scariest movie I've ever seen.

Knudsen denied the accusation immediately.

A mother tends to hold her baby on the left.

This is a very interesting investment opportunity.


I have no money with me now.


Stephan is being quite diplomatic, isn't he?

I'm a little drunk.

My boss will not say 'yes'.


I am not coming because I am ill.

We just finished.

He acknowledged it to be true.


She ignored her for the entire day.


I took a taxi to get there in time.


The beauty of the scenery is beyond description.

Cindie, stubborn as he was, refused to change to the sensible metric system, preferring to measure volume in hogsheads instead.

I don't think I like this game very much.


She's cute, and more importantly, has class.

Does Marla think Robin did it?

He knows neither of his two brothers.

She stretched to relieve the stiffness in her back.

She was on verge of fainting.

We are influenced both by environment and by heredity.

The office for disease control reported a 10 percent spread.

I don't know if they've decided to leave.

He asked his brother to execute his will.

Samuel was so tired he didn't even want to eat.

For how long?

I remember the day Sal broke his leg.

Brooke found nothing to say in return.

Don't stop me now.

The queen wore a very beautiful silver dress.

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He has been dead for ten years.


Coleen didn't know how to express himself well.

They will not eat meat.

I like coffee better.

She came!

Do you recognize any of these names?

Above all, children need love.

Is it ok if I help you?


Sorry, I must stay at home today.

Have you signed the register?

I don't approve your decision.

"Come and tell me who you are," said she, "and how came you here."

Neil makes a lot more money than Cristopher.

No sentence on Tatoeba contains the word "anathema".

Nick was too tired to study.

He handed in his paper.

Dean asked me out.

Duke spoke to Ronald.

This game is a work of fiction.

Is eating raw pork really bad for you?

Ric doesn't share Alexander's enthusiasm.

Norm broke his collarbone when he was thirteen.

Laurianne wanted to visit South America.

I feel a little sore.

He gives us money.